Dark Horse Preview: Frankenstein Underground #1

Any opportunity to check out Mike Mignola’s work pre-publication is like getting a bottle of fine bourbon on Christmas day…also, that bottle has been padded with dollar bills instead of packing peanuts.  Not trying to rub it in, just really excited.

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Book review: Fredric Brown’s The Mind Thing

It’s been a while since I’ve posted (for which I apologize) and I’ve been doing a lot more reading lately (which has nothing to do with my non-postiness) so here’s a short book review.  And never fear, it’s not just filler for NOWM–this is a gem!


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Review: Sam Humphries’ Sacrifice

I’m back folks, and eager to share a humble review of Sam Humphries’ comic, Sacrifice. (I could say “graphic novel”, but let’s call it what it is and be excited about it!)  In addition to being brief, it’s also spoiler-free, so read on, little doggies.

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Review, The Underwater Welder

This man looks–no, feels–troubled.


That was my first thought upon reading the first, wordless page of Jeff Lemire’s latest work, The Underwater Welder.  Lemire’s storytelling capabilities are as stark as they are subtle.  If that’s old news, well, I’m glad you’re a fan.  If that sounds a little contradictory, maybe that’s because it doesn’t happen often, so the two aren’t easily paired. Continue reading