Dark Horse Preview: Frankenstein Underground #1

Any opportunity to check out Mike Mignola’s work pre-publication is like getting a bottle of fine bourbon on Christmas day…also, that bottle has been padded with dollar bills instead of packing peanuts.  Not trying to rub it in, just really excited.

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Celebrating 20 years of Hellboy: A [moral] compass for modern comics

Today, March 22nd, has been declared “Hellboy Day” by Dark Horse comics in celebration of 20 years of one of the most celebrated characters in comic-dom.  In the spirit of this most illustrious of feast days, I decided to reflect a little on just what I have found so special about Hellboy over the years.  I think I nailed it…but maybe that’s just my ego.  Comments and criticism are welcome, as always. Continue reading

Five great crossovers of the Batman persuasion

Crossovers can be a strange beast.

They can be pear-shaped and awkward as easily as they’ll charm your pants off. If that statement didn’t tip you off, just know that I tend to be pretty fickle about them as a whole. That said, there’s a short list that rocked my world when I first discovered them (and which continue still to do so). Since a list of the top 5 all-time crossovers would be rather unwieldy, I’m sticking to Batman here. It also happens that I love Batman a whole lot, so it was also a selfish choice.

I don’t think any of these would be considered traditional superhero crossovers, so bear with me if that’s your usual ball of wax. Strictly superhero crossovers are great, but I like something that wanders into other genres I enjoy, which are usually set apart from the classic superhero motif to begin with. Shall we? Continue reading