Take my money, Ben Templesmith!

I’m not usually a promoter of Kickstarter projects (if only because that task is already in much more capable hands), but HOLY CRAP this is awesome.  Get out your wallets.  Ben Templesmith needs your money.

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Webcomic of the week: The Beast in the Cave

It’s time for a Webcomic of the Week post, which pretty much means this installment is long overdue, as they so frequently are.  Surprise?


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Two-Headed Boy: Tales of the Forgotten Melodies (Wax Tailor) + The Shadow Over Innsmouth (H.P. Lovecraft)

One of my closest friends does an exercise when facing a creative block. He recently put it to me to find a soundtrack that would fit with something I am reading and write a short review. Since I didn’t ask any clarifying questions, I’m not sure whether he’d prefer me to go with theme or ambiance in pairing these two media. Do I stick Led Zeppelin with the Lord of the Rings for all the Middle Earth references those gods of rock liked to brandish? Or do I go with music that “feels” like the mood of its literary partner?

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