Take my money, Ben Templesmith!

I’m not usually a promoter of Kickstarter projects (if only because that task is already in much more capable hands), but HOLY CRAP this is awesome.  Get out your wallets.  Ben Templesmith needs your money.

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Webcomic of the week: Project Black Sky

This is a very special and wicked-awesome Webcomic of the week.  Dark Horse Comics just launched its summer special, Project Black Sky, on May 2nd.

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A Daniel Warren Johnson short: Pieces

Not too long ago I featured Chicago artist Daniel Warren Johnson’s webcomic, Space Mullet! in a “Webcomic of the week” post. I wanted to share another short story of his, available on his website and posted in full here as well, with permission.  

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Webcomic of the week: Derelict

It’s time for another Webcomic of the Week post!  Now, I realize that these have by no means followed a strict weekly schedule, for which I apologize.  And that may or may not change.  SO…I felt like I owed it to you Nerds (with a capital N)–and myself–to find a doozie this time around.  And I think I did.

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A Dark Horse preview: The Witcher

If you like RPGs, medieval motifs and monster hunting, then you’re in for a treat.  The Witcher is a comic based on a PC hack-and-slash RPG (which was based on a book series), and is a recent addition to the Dark Horse Comics lineup.  This looks bodacious.

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The Amazing Screw-On Head

OK, this isn’t so much a review as it is a short yet gushing man-crush piece, because Mike Mignola.

If you haven’t read Mignola’s one-shot, The Amazing Screw-On Head before, please do so now then come back and finish reading this post.  No spoilers here, just saying it’s good stuff.  It won the 2003 Eisner Award for Best Humor Publication, so… Continue reading

Review: Gustavo Duarte’s Monsters!

Here’s your brief intro to Monsters!, a collection of three short stories by Brazilian writer/artist Gustavo Duarte.  It comes out today!  I should mention that this is Duarte’s debut publication with Dark Horse Comics, and incidentally his debut in English print…but as Monsters! is a wordless collection of short stories, the “in English” part is pretty much irrelevant.

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Webcomic of the week: Space-Mullet!

It’s time for something a little more sprawling (and sci-fi!).  Not since Broodhollow has a Webcomic of the Week been a “long” story, and thankfully, this one still has miles to go by the looks of things.  PS and HOLY CRAP, Daniel Warren Johnson’s Space-Mullet! is a good one.  Here’s a spoiler-free intro for you to get started…and you really should.

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Yearning for a time when NASA’s budget reflected its greatness? Read some Warren Ellis to hold you over.

In light of China’s recent moon probe landing (and the slightly less recent government shutdown) my mind has turned again to NASA’s shrinking budget.  Sigh.

Are you yearning for the time when NASA’s ambition and budget were big enough to make dreams come true?  No need to answer, it was rhetorical.  Who knows if or when that day will come again, but until then there’s some good reading out there to keep you going.   Continue reading