Dark Horse Preview: Frankenstein Underground #1

Any opportunity to check out Mike Mignola’s work pre-publication is like getting a bottle of fine bourbon on Christmas day…also, that bottle has been padded with dollar bills instead of packing peanuts.  Not trying to rub it in, just really excited.

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Book review: Fredric Brown’s The Mind Thing

It’s been a while since I’ve posted (for which I apologize) and I’ve been doing a lot more reading lately (which has nothing to do with my non-postiness) so here’s a short book review.  And never fear, it’s not just filler for NOWM–this is a gem!


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A Daniel Warren Johnson short: Pieces

Not too long ago I featured Chicago artist Daniel Warren Johnson’s webcomic, Space Mullet! in a “Webcomic of the week” post. I wanted to share another short story of his, available on his website and posted in full here as well, with permission.  

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Review: Gustavo Duarte’s Monsters!

Here’s your brief intro to Monsters!, a collection of three short stories by Brazilian writer/artist Gustavo Duarte.  It comes out today!  I should mention that this is Duarte’s debut publication with Dark Horse Comics, and incidentally his debut in English print…but as Monsters! is a wordless collection of short stories, the “in English” part is pretty much irrelevant.

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Review: Sam Humphries’ Sacrifice

I’m back folks, and eager to share a humble review of Sam Humphries’ comic, Sacrifice. (I could say “graphic novel”, but let’s call it what it is and be excited about it!)  In addition to being brief, it’s also spoiler-free, so read on, little doggies.

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Podcastacular! 5 great podcasts to subscribe to (and which episodes to start with)

There are more podcasts out there than you can shake a stick at. There’s probably even a podcast celebrating the fact that there are more podcasts out there than you can shake a stick at. At any rate, here are five which excel at pumping rich, creamy goodness into your brain. And since the first episode of a podcast isn’t necessarily the best place to start (especially when you’re trying to convince someone else how great it can be), there are some suggestions included for each below as well. Let’s start at the top, shall we?

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Two-Headed Boy: Tales of the Forgotten Melodies (Wax Tailor) + The Shadow Over Innsmouth (H.P. Lovecraft)

One of my closest friends does an exercise when facing a creative block. He recently put it to me to find a soundtrack that would fit with something I am reading and write a short review. Since I didn’t ask any clarifying questions, I’m not sure whether he’d prefer me to go with theme or ambiance in pairing these two media. Do I stick Led Zeppelin with the Lord of the Rings for all the Middle Earth references those gods of rock liked to brandish? Or do I go with music that “feels” like the mood of its literary partner?

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Review, The Underwater Welder

This man looks–no, feels–troubled.


That was my first thought upon reading the first, wordless page of Jeff Lemire’s latest work, The Underwater Welder.  Lemire’s storytelling capabilities are as stark as they are subtle.  If that’s old news, well, I’m glad you’re a fan.  If that sounds a little contradictory, maybe that’s because it doesn’t happen often, so the two aren’t easily paired. Continue reading