Take my money, Ben Templesmith!

I’m not usually a promoter of Kickstarter projects (if only because that task is already in much more capable hands), but HOLY CRAP this is awesome.  Get out your wallets.  Ben Templesmith needs your money.

dagon cover

Chicago artist Ben Templesmith is working on a comic book adaptation of Dagon, one of H.P. Lovecraft’ earliest short stories.  And it is looking damn fine.  His Kickstarter campaign has already been funded (on its opening day no less), but it’s still worth every red penny we throw at it; the stretch goals for additional funding include lengthening the book from 48 to 72 pages and this wicked 8.5×11 portrait of Lovecraft, signed by master Ben himself.

HP 125

Briefly: Dagon tells the account of a stranded Merchant Marine sailor during World War I who gets mired in a mysterious waste in the Pacific Ocean.  The seafloor rises, he strikes out for help (never good).  What he finds is an artifact so ancient and a sea monster-god so horrifying that his account calls into question his credibility (and sanity).  It is evident by the end of the story that its narrator is deeply disturbed and suffering from a narcotic addiction to boot–Lovecraftisms we know and love, through and through.

deep one

Though a couple graphic adaptations of Dagon already exist, Templesmith’s foray into the story has potential to do it justice like none have.  Check out the video and art posted on the Kickstarter page and head over to Templesmith’s website for a heftier dose of his style.  Dude’s gonna creep us all out and I can’t think of a better vessel for his art than an H.P. Lovecraft story.

More about Ben Templesmith:

Ben Templesmith is an Australian artist with degrees in both design and graphic art.  Ben is perhaps best known for his work on 30 Days of Night with Steve Niles (IDW Publishing) and on Fell with amazing badass Warren Ellis (Image Comics) and was nominated to recieve Eisner Awards for both.  He is a recipient of the International Horror Guild Award and the Eagle Award. Ben lives and works in Chicago, Illinois (USA).

Images from Ben Templesmith’s Kickstarter.



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