The Return of Nerd Out With Me

It’s happened again.  Nerd Out With Me has stagnated like so much fetid water, depriving the world of just some really juicy goodness.  Choke back your laughter!

godzilla stove

Alas, as it happens, yours truly has been lost in other pursuits.  For the last eight months or so I’ve made it a priority to write more–not blog posts, obviously–and the effort has borne some fruit!  I’m happy to say that I’ve had a short story accepted for publication in a Lovecraftian anthology (the details of which I may cover in a later post).  I’ve also made some headway on a chapbook of eerie bedtime stories to thrill and unnerve my niece and nephews…they are all a little young for it yet, so I’ve got time.  I also have the beginnings of a webcomic in the works.  If that ever sees the light of day, I’ll be very proud indeed.

And now it is time to pick up my slack and share anew the things that tickle my fancy.  I’ve got some big plans, assuming I can do all the stuff I’d like with a free WordPress site…we’ll see.  Some things to look forward to in the coming months (I only have so much time.  This is a hobby, after all):

  1. A media sharing page – This will have some random stuff for download but will also have embedded audio files, specifically numbers two and three on this list for a start!
  2. Revisiting The Shadow, the 1930s radio serial I’ll be digitizing some original episodes from vinyl and sharing them here.  Because vinyl.
  3. Experiencing Batman in an old new way Again with the vinyl! Digitizing a vintage batman comic book/record combo…did you even know those things existed?!  Soon you’ll be able to listen and read along like you did in kindergarten.  You’re welcome in advance.
  4. H.P. Lovecraft extravaganza! – I have no idea how I’ll celebrate my hero in this case, but I’ll think of something that isn’t too cosmically insane.  I’m only human, after all – I couldn’t even resist that horrible pun!  If it IS a pun…see?
  5. Continuing featured webcomics – I mean, there’s so much out there to enjoy.  I don’t think I’ll ever run out of webcomics to feature, old or new.
  6. Other shit – The usual musings and discoveries of course.  There isn’t any way of knowing what they may be.

I’ve missed screwing around on here.  If only for myself, it’ll be good to dig into some pop culture and nerdy goodness again.  Cheers!


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