Remember “Avoid the Noid”?

Do you remember the game that promoted fast pizza delivery way back in the day?  Is the word “Noid” familiar? Do you know what MS-DOS or a Commodore 64 are (or rather, were)?  If you answered yes to any of these, you are almost certainly approaching 30 (if not past the mark already) or are simply cool beyond your years…at least as far as I’m concerned.

Advergames”, or games serving as functional advertisements, have a long tradition in the video game industry even though the term is relatively new.  In fact, they’ve been damn near ubiquitous since the 80s when games were run on computers about as capable as Giga Pets and whose soundtracks consisted of harsh, electronic beeps and boops.

The greatest pioneer in advergaming has to be Domino’s Pizza, if only because it is they who gave us Avoid the Noid.  An epic(urian) game which rightly taught me that jumping and rolling can avert almost any disaster, be it in the form of trap doors, water balloons or even bazookas, the premise of Avoid the Noid is simple: you’re a pizza dude just trying to bring cheesy goodness to your customers.  Avoid the eponymous Noid–a creature whose sole purpose in life is to ruin your pizza…not to mention your tips– and reach the elevator to get to the next level.  Simple right?  No, no it’s not.  You poor, poor sap.

I’m tempted to wax philosophic some more on the merits of this treasure, but I really think you ought to just go play it.  You can give this 8-bit wonder o’ nostalgia a shot over at Free Game Empire and play it right in your browser.  Now get that pie to your customers at any cost!

That’s it — short and sweet today!
Images from Free Game Empire.


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