Webcomic of the week: Project Black Sky

This is a very special and wicked-awesome Webcomic of the week.  Dark Horse Comics just launched its summer special, Project Black Sky, on May 2nd.

Inspired by the I Watch the Sky conspiracy blog, Project Dark Sky will come to the masses in 5 parts or “files” as a daily webcomic this summer.  The first 8-page story is already complete and posted; it’s a short and sweet nod to War of the Worlds. For an intro/primer, Dark Horse’s own Jeremy Atkins has provided a short and sweet summary of how Project Black Sky will roll out:

Project Black Sky will run through September with a new panel almost every day! Three series artists with top-level security clearance will provide illustrations for the stunning story line.

Project Black Sky Part 1: The Field, featuring art by Steve Ellis, goes live on May 2 with eight screens!

Project Black Sky Part 2: The Launch features art by Michael Broussard and will post weekdays with forty screens beginning May 5.

Project Black Sky Part 3: The Ring features art by Steve Ellis and will post weekdays with forty screens beginning June 26.

Project Black Sky Part 4: The Base features art by Guiu Vilanova and will post every day of the week with thirty-two screens beginningAugust 21.

Project Black Sky Part 5: Michael Broussard will illustrate a final, top-secret, twelve-screen story, presented in its entirety onSeptember 24.

Secret Files of Project Black Sky: Part 1—The Field—credits

If you’re a fan of comics (because awesome), the X Files, a conspiracy theorist, a loony bird, or just an Orson Welles fan (because who isn’t?), this is something you ought to soak up this summer.  Enjoy!


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