Webcomic of the week: Hark! A Vagrant

It hath been many moons since I last posted.  Verily I am back, full in force and bearing strange humor!

Incidentally, it’s well past time for another Webcomic of the week!  And if you’re wondering why I was talking like that, it’s merely in celebration of this week’s webcomic flavor, Hark! A Vagrant.  For the record, I’m going to look up those letters James Joyce wrote to what’s-her-name.

Hark! A Vagrant is a delightful comic by Nova Scotia native Kate Beaton (as in born there, not native American…though that could also be the case, even with that surname).  Kate is a historian, with a history degree and a history job (it’s at a museum), and shares as much on her “about” page, which is both amusing and full of great advice for aspiring artists.  Check it out!

Her webcomic is a smattering of deadpan humor and satire on a wide array of topics, but mostly those of historical and literary figures.  If you are a living, breathing person there’s probably something (if not a shitload of things) for you in this amazing collection.  Here are a couple pages from Hark! that I found particularly hilarious.  They also happen to be two very recent additions to the comic.  Enjoy!

Sexy Science.  Why not?

In that same vein (sort of), and for a bonus: Sexy Batman.  Because sexy Batman.


Images from Hark! A Vagrant.


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