A Daniel Warren Johnson short: Pieces

Not too long ago I featured Chicago artist Daniel Warren Johnson’s webcomic, Space Mullet! in a “Webcomic of the week” post. I wanted to share another short story of his, available on his website and posted in full here as well, with permission.  

Pieces is an inventive little diddy, and reminiscent of Space Mullet!.  It begins in medias res, dropping you right in the middle of a scene that’s going downhill fast.  A few very violent pages follow, but the ending is both touching and unexpected.  It took only a couple minutes to read and soak up, but I’ve thought about it all day.

Pieces was beautifully colored by Doug Garbark, whose work you can (and should) peruse over at Deviant Art.  In a great piece of news for Daniel and Doug, this short story also happens to be featured in issue 43 of Brandon Graham’s Prophet comic, which hits comic store shelves today!  Nice work fellas!

Malachi Page 1 final webMalachi Page 2  final webMalachi Page 3  Final webMalachi Page 4  Final webMalachi Page 5  Final web


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