Webcomic of the week: Far Out

Adventure and intrigue on a robot planet, that’s what we’ve got this week. Interested?

Far Out is a sci-fi western by Canadian creators Gautier Langevin and Olivier Carpentier (writer and artist respectively), and it’s preeetty sweet.  Far Out takes place on a world inhabited solely by mechanical people (that’s robots, ya hear?), and like many good westerns, it begins with a lone stranger wandering the desert waste.  It’s not clear whether the name “Far Out” refers to the desert region or the planet itself, but the place is nevertheless shrouded in mystery.  

The protagonist is a nameless, amnesic robot.  As the first chapter unfolds, it becomes clear that the anonymous bot is a newcomer to the waste–something that rarely happens–and may even have “fallen from the sky”.  What this means is unclear, but it’s a point of contention that seems valuable to everyone who meets the mystery man, and it doesn’t generally bode well for him.  He’s quickly apprehended by a biker gang of other “cowboys” (whose “bikes” look unfortunately like pod-racing turbines from The Phantom Menace) and finds himself locked away with nothing but his thoughts…And those thoughts happen to cement into a very Clint Eastwood-like resolve to take some names.

I’ll leave you to discover the rest.  It’s a refreshing take on the sci-fi/western genre bender.  The artistic style and certainly the backdrop of Far Out are reminiscent of Doug TenNaple’s graphic novel Iron West, which is another fantastic read itself.  I’m guessing these guys got a lot of their inspiration from TenNaple, but they certainly forged their own kind of story here.  If you do like this comic though (or robo-cowboy westerns in general), tracking down Iron West would probably suit you well.  Oh, and TenNaple is the creator of the hugely popular Earthworm Jim (comic and video game) if you’re looking for some cultural reference.  And yes, TenNaple is spelled with a weird capital N in there.  No offense Mr. TenNaple, but it throws everyone.

But I digress.

Far Out is far from over and the story looks to be gearing up nicely.  Check out the webcomic to catch up and get regular updates.

Far Out and other comics from Studio Lounak in Montreal can be found at Kimiq and at Lounak.com.  There’s some good stuff there, and it’s a great way to get into some independent and freelance comics artists.  Oh, and helpful hint: to visit the artist pages of Far Out’s creators, you’ll have to translate them from French to English (unless you speak French), so…Google Chrome.

Images from Far Out.


2 thoughts on “Webcomic of the week: Far Out

  1. Thanks for the review! I really appreciate you took the time to read our comic and write a review about it! ( and that’s a pretty good one 😛 )


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