Webcomic of the week: Derelict

It’s time for another Webcomic of the Week post!  Now, I realize that these have by no means followed a strict weekly schedule, for which I apologize.  And that may or may not change.  SO…I felt like I owed it to you Nerds (with a capital N)–and myself–to find a doozie this time around.  And I think I did.

The webcomic in question is Ben Fleuter’s most excellent work, Derelict.  As per usual, no plot spoilers here!

Let me just start by saying I’m REALLY enjoying this comic.  Derelict has a terrific backdrop and super-lovable protagonist.  Set in a post-apocalyptic (and implicitly distant-but-not-too-distant) future, the story takes place in a time when little is left on Earth which bears any semblance to mankind’s former cultures.  In fact, humanity itself is sparse, scattered and struggling to keep a foothold in a world now populated by creatures that have sprung from the ocean depths–but who are by no means confined to them. 


Derelict follows loner Dang Thu Mai, a young woman wandering the seas on her “salvage” boat, the Penumbra.  Mai scavenges shipwrecks, seaside towns, oil rigs and more trying to keep her vessel (and herself) fueled and safe.  While Fleuter started Derelict over three years ago, last year’s project on Kickstarter successfully funded the maiden print run of Book 1 (which Ben reports is soon-to-be off to the printer!).  

The fact that it was so well-funded–and that stretch goals were met to boot–is a testament to what a gem this comic really is.  The world-creation in Derelict is truly inventive, as are the other characters (and species) in the story.  To be honest, I’ve not caught all they way up with the storyline, so I’m not sure what the big scoop is just yet.  One thing’s for sure about this [so far] amazing webcomic though: its characters (including antagonists) are simply trying to make things work in a harsh and dangerous world, not unlike Mai.  She eventually stumbles across something big–and spooky.  It’s still a mystery to me just what that is, but I’m all-in to find out.

Check out Derelict on the comic’s page or Ben Fleuter’s website, or to take a gander at the project’s initial efforts to get some ink-on-paper action, visit the ‘ol Kickstarter page.  Updates come every Monday, and sometimes more frequently than that.  It’ll be well worth your time, I promise!


Images from the Derelict comic page.


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