A Dark Horse preview: The Witcher

If you like RPGs, medieval motifs and monster hunting, then you’re in for a treat.  The Witcher is a comic based on a PC hack-and-slash RPG (which was based on a book series), and is a recent addition to the Dark Horse Comics lineup.  This looks bodacious.

Here’s a brief preview of Paul Tobin’s The Witcher, provided by Dark Horse Comics.  While I’ve never played The Witcher PC game (its sequel will be available on PS4 and Xbox One), I’ve heard good things.  The game has a moral compass that tends to swing around a bit, meaning no black and white choices and consequences down the line.  While that’s not at all uncommon these days, in 2007 it was still a fresh commodity (comparatively at least, right?).  Here’s hoping that all those gray areas and complexities carry over to the comic as well.

I’m guessing the monster-hunting genre and the medieval fantasy motif in the comic will attract fans from the Solomon Kane and Van Helsing camps, and hopefully fans of the game(s) and books as well…I sure know I like the look of it.  And to whoever at Dark Horse chooses when to cut off those previews, I say “touché.”  I’ll bite on that bit ‘o intrigue!

Enjoy the preview and pick it up in your local comic shop on the 19th!


Preview and title image from Dark Horse Comics


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