Webcomic of the week: His Face All Red

I wanted to seek out some webcomics that aren’t all dark and eerie…but then I found Emily Carroll’s His Face All Red and that resolve flew right out the window.  Sorry, I just love this stuff too much.

His Face All Red was published in 2010, so I’m discovering this one a little late. Artist/writer Emily Carroll is still going strong, however, and this early comic is a great introduction to her style as a whole.

The story is delightfully unsettling and full of nightmarish material, often reminiscent of Grimms’ Fairy Tales. With an artistic style close to Tintin or Madeline, Carroll’s illustrations wouldn’t imply such horror, but the juxtaposition with almost cartoonish art really does the comic justice…and ups the creepiness factor!

As always, I’ll not throw any plot spoilers here, or at least none you won’t find at the very beginning of the story. His Face All Red is the story of fratricide, plain and simple. It’s a horror story of another ken too. A mysterious beast, fear of the unknown, the work of otherworldly forces, and what I am coining “strange identity” come together to make His Face All Red a really fascinating read. It’s also very short, a quality which I appreciate more and more amid hectic schedules and too-little down time. Carroll’s penchant for the macabre and her one-and-done style are perfect for those quick doses of fantasy and/or horror to punctuate the lulls in your week!

A slew of other neatly organized and accessible webcomics await you on her blog.  If you like His Face All Red, be sure and peruse them all.
Images from Emily Carroll’s website.


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