Webcomic of the week: The Path

This one’s got me intrigued, although I’ve yet to get current and see where the story goes.  From what I’ve seen of The Path, it already has a little of all my favorite ingredients; it’s a bit Arthurian, a bit Lovecraftian, and I think there’s even some of Mike Mignola’s artistic influence in the pen and ink. That’s a beautiful combination, if I do say so myself (queue Julie Andrews’ “Favorite Things” song).

The Cutty Black Sow Title Placard

The Path is the brainchild of James “Riot” Godfrey, and follows the exploits of Chance McGavin, a reluctant supernatural investigator of sorts.  From the start of the first chapter, “The Cutty Black Sow”, it’s apparent that this man has a destiny entangled with the other-worldly—and probably a family history of the same, going way, way back beyond his time.  

The Path jumps around a bit, as each chapter shifts to a different time and place in Chance’s life, but it’s not any harder to follow than the metaphorical chapters in the protagonist’s life, which are varied (and honestly pretty bad-ass).  There are also short stories in black and white which serve as asides between some chapters, at least so far in my reading.  But don’t let that deter you, if in fact it would!

The best example of this is probably also the first: the short before the second chapter introduces a young girl who makes an unlikely friendship with a mysterious priest (yes, it’s Chance McGavin).  Confrontation with servants of Elder Gods commences, and a stage is set for coming chapters.  It’s a great, quick read on its own and the story does pick back up nicely afterward, I promise.  Part of me loves this format and the other part gets distracted, but what are ya gonna do?

For what it’s worth, The Path is taking a little patience for me to read, but that’s often led to good payoffs before.  Besides, it grabbed my attention right away, and it’s obviously worth sharing!  Check it out here at ODK Comics.

About the author:

James “Riot” Godfrey is the founder of Old Dying Kitty Comics (ODK), an independent studio for horror and science fiction webcomics.  You can find the work of other independent artists at the site too, which is neat!

Images from The Path at ODK.


2 thoughts on “Webcomic of the week: The Path

  1. A friend just forwarded this to me. Thanks for the write up!
    I spent the last year on hiatus, but The Path returns next week. I hope you’ll check it out!

    • I’ll be sure and check it out, thanks James! I can’t wait to see where Chance’s (mis)adventures take him. I’ve been slacking on keeping up on the blog in lieu of other projects (and two jobs), so another visit and write up may be just what I need to get going again. Best of luck!

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