Webcomic of the week: Space-Mullet!

It’s time for something a little more sprawling (and sci-fi!).  Not since Broodhollow has a Webcomic of the Week been a “long” story, and thankfully, this one still has miles to go by the looks of things.  PS and HOLY CRAP, Daniel Warren Johnson’s Space-Mullet! is a good one.  Here’s a spoiler-free intro for you to get started…and you really should.

The amusing “buddy cop” feel this story starts with aside, Space-Mullet! has inventive alien species, great art, wide space shots and most importantly, a genuinely captivating story.  Space-Mullet! is, at the outset at least, the story of an ex-marine and deserter who gets a chance to clear his name years after going AWOL.  It might not be the first time we’ve seen a setup like this, but any perceived shellacking stops there.  This comic goes from good to amazeballs pretty damn quick, and the story is anything but a “been there, done that” sort of read.

At first I thought I saw a little of Firefly and/or Cowboy Bebop in this webcomic, which admittedly suits me just fine.  The captain, one of a two-“man” crew, loves his ship and makes a living by trucking, or delivering goods from one end of the galaxy to another under the radar.  Remember, he’s a deserter.  The first chapter is a great introduction to Jonah (Human) and Alphius (a hulking Zozobian) and their rough and tumble friendship aboard the Sandra Wells.  If that’s an allusion or homage to something or someone, I don’t know, but the ship’s name has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?.

By the end of chapter one in Space-Mullet! the story arc seems to have closed nicely, but not permanently, and the scope of the comic as a whole widens right up.  The two shipmates have picked up a third amid a measure of tragedy, and more key characters are introduced in ensuing chapters.  I’ll let you meet them yourself, but each character of this webcomic is certainly his (or her) own man (or woman), and each is as dynamic and interesting as chapter that introduces them.  Here’s a character bio chart, check out what/who is waiting for you.

I hate to be purposely vague when introducing webcomics, but I hate even more to take away plot and character discovery from a new reader.  I hope there’s enough here to entice you to explore Daniel Warren Johnson’s work at his official site as well as the webcomic itself.  It’s worth it–just follow the links, you won’t be disappointed!

To Mr. Johnson: I love your comic and recently realized that I met you at C2E2 this year.  Had I been familiar with your work at the time, I’d probably have gushed over and annoyed you to an embarrassing extent, so you dodged a bullet my friend.


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