Review: Gustavo Duarte’s Monsters!

Here’s your brief intro to Monsters!, a collection of three short stories by Brazilian writer/artist Gustavo Duarte.  It comes out today!  I should mention that this is Duarte’s debut publication with Dark Horse Comics, and incidentally his debut in English print…but as Monsters! is a wordless collection of short stories, the “in English” part is pretty much irrelevant.

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Preview: Terminator – Enemy of My Enemy

Hot off the presses from Dark Horse Comics, approved for sharing with the masses!  Here’s a sneak peek at the first issue of the new Terminator: Enemy of My Enemy #1 by Dan Jolley.

1985.  Ms. Fong’s work is a threat to Skynet and she’s in over her head–and it doesn’t look like anyone’s particularly on her side.  Here’s hoping this shapes up to be a sweet new chapter for the Terminator mythos. And yes, I do have permission from Dark Horse to share this!  

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Webcomic of the week: The Path

This one’s got me intrigued, although I’ve yet to get current and see where the story goes.  From what I’ve seen of The Path, it already has a little of all my favorite ingredients; it’s a bit Arthurian, a bit Lovecraftian, and I think there’s even some of Mike Mignola’s artistic influence in the pen and ink. That’s a beautiful combination, if I do say so myself (queue Julie Andrews’ “Favorite Things” song).

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Webcomic of the week: Space-Mullet!

It’s time for something a little more sprawling (and sci-fi!).  Not since Broodhollow has a Webcomic of the Week been a “long” story, and thankfully, this one still has miles to go by the looks of things.  PS and HOLY CRAP, Daniel Warren Johnson’s Space-Mullet! is a good one.  Here’s a spoiler-free intro for you to get started…and you really should.

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