Yearning for a time when NASA’s budget reflected its greatness? Read some Warren Ellis to hold you over.

In light of China’s recent moon probe landing (and the slightly less recent government shutdown) my mind has turned again to NASA’s shrinking budget.  Sigh.

Are you yearning for the time when NASA’s ambition and budget were big enough to make dreams come true?  No need to answer, it was rhetorical.  Who knows if or when that day will come again, but until then there’s some good reading out there to keep you going.  

Here are three beautiful comics from Warren Ellis capture the ambition, wonder and fear (respectively!) that accompany such lofty heights.  Granted, these stories also shine a spotlight on the possible dangers, mental stresses and shadowy politics that come with conquering space, but they bring great art, great storytelling and truly lovable/hate-able characters to your eyeballs and brain whilst gazing skyward.

And as good as Ellis’ stories are, the forwards, notes and letters from the author in these trade paperbacks are every bit as good as the comics themselves.

Ambition? Read Ministry of Space.

Wonder? Try Orbiter.

Fear? Explore Ocean.

Images from Warren Ellis’s official site.


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