Yearning for a time when NASA’s budget reflected its greatness? Read some Warren Ellis to hold you over.

In light of China’s recent moon probe landing (and the slightly less recent government shutdown) my mind has turned again to NASA’s shrinking budget.  Sigh.

Are you yearning for the time when NASA’s ambition and budget were big enough to make dreams come true?  No need to answer, it was rhetorical.  Who knows if or when that day will come again, but until then there’s some good reading out there to keep you going.   Continue reading


Webcomic of the week: Alive, Alive, Alive!

This week’s webcomic is a short one (even for a lot of webcomics).  In fact, it was initially part of a 24-hour webcomic challenge–extended to 42 hours.  Apparently illustrator Mark Simmons couldn’t fit all the awesome that script writer Julie Davis put into the story in just a day, so I don’t blame him.

By the way, I couldn’t find a link to Julie’s website or other materials, which I will remedy as soon as I find something.  Sorry Julie!

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Five great crossovers of the Batman persuasion

Crossovers can be a strange beast.

They can be pear-shaped and awkward as easily as they’ll charm your pants off. If that statement didn’t tip you off, just know that I tend to be pretty fickle about them as a whole. That said, there’s a short list that rocked my world when I first discovered them (and which continue still to do so). Since a list of the top 5 all-time crossovers would be rather unwieldy, I’m sticking to Batman here. It also happens that I love Batman a whole lot, so it was also a selfish choice.

I don’t think any of these would be considered traditional superhero crossovers, so bear with me if that’s your usual ball of wax. Strictly superhero crossovers are great, but I like something that wanders into other genres I enjoy, which are usually set apart from the classic superhero motif to begin with. Shall we? Continue reading