Webcomic of the week: Sarah and the Seed

This week’s webcomic is an oldie but a goodie.  Sarah and the Seed is one of my favorites, and one I’ve read many, many times.  Ryan Andrews, creator of this and several other wonderful stories, has a knack for pulling the joys, pains and pressures of real life into his comics, in both art and message.  

As always, I’ll not get too spoilery with the plot summary.  That’s for new readers to discover themselves…

Sarah and the Seed tells the story of an elderly man and his barren wife, who’d always yearned for a family.  A mysterious pregnancy late in life grants them their wish, though the offspring for whom they’ve waited all their lives is not a child, but a seed.  Their journey continues along a sometimes frightening, sometimes joyous path when the man and his wife plant the seed and care for it as it grows.  

I love the art in this comic and adore the story.  It’s very sweet, even when it’s a little creepy, and it really has a beautiful ending…sorry if that ruins anything.  You can read this and other webcomics by Ryan Andrews here.

Image from ryan-a.com.


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