Webcomic of the week: The Scout

This week’s webcomic is one of the more unique one-offs I’ve read in a long time and I’m still excited about it after multiple readings.   Continue reading


Webcomic of the week: Sarah and the Seed

This week’s webcomic is an oldie but a goodie.  Sarah and the Seed is one of my favorites, and one I’ve read many, many times.  Ryan Andrews, creator of this and several other wonderful stories, has a knack for pulling the joys, pains and pressures of real life into his comics, in both art and message.   Continue reading

Webcomic of the week: Broodhollow

I’m starting a regular weekly post today called “webcomic of the week”.  Clever, I know.  It’s nothing fancy-just comics I stumble across and really enjoy.  I’m kicking things off with my most recent discovery, one which has apparently been around a while, but is still getting churned out.  I give you writer/artist Kris Straub’s, Broodhollow.

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Review: Sam Humphries’ Sacrifice

I’m back folks, and eager to share a humble review of Sam Humphries’ comic, Sacrifice. (I could say “graphic novel”, but let’s call it what it is and be excited about it!)  In addition to being brief, it’s also spoiler-free, so read on, little doggies.

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