Get through winter (and then the rest of forever) with shortwave listening

Fall is here and winter is fast approaching.  For many people the change of the seasons is a refreshing and renewing experience, bringing with it a new range of foods, drinks, activities and style that are befitting cooler temperatures and colors.  That embrace doesn’t come so easily for a good many though, and for those winter spells boredom for the foreseeable future.  But it doesn’t have to be that way!

If you’re anticipating feeling cooped up and closed off this winter, get your hands on a shortwave radio and tune in to the rest of the world (literally)!  While traditionally less popular in the US than other parts of our planet, shortwave is actually a very common method of broadcast.  And since shortwave radio transmissions can be picked up very, VERY far away, you can easily tap into the goings-on of cultures and geographies far removed from your own.

There’s a great site dedicated to beginners in this hobby which provides basic instructions, resources and advice.  Once you spend a little time reading up, I’m willing to bet that even the most mildly curious who gives shortwave listening a shot will end up a year-round hobbyist.  It’s an amazing learning tool and window to the world.  So grab a capable radio (that picks up SW) and start listening–and remember, the internet is your friend.  Find lists of programming schedules and stations any number of places with a search, or you can start here or here.

Happy listening!

Image from Best Made.


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