Jurassic Park 3D Review…a little behind schedule

In keeping with an earlier post, I’d like to offer a brief review-albeit a belated one-of Jurassic Park 3D. I’ll be keeping this short and sweet.

My first impression of the retrofitted, 3D treatment was that it wasn’t overdone-which is more of a big deal than it might sound.  For many moviegoers (including yours truly) the biggest apprehension about attending 3D films is the invasive in-your-faceness they impose.  To date, the only 3D movies I’ve seen willingly are The Hobbit and Prometheus, and needless to say, I rewatched them both in 2D.  But we’re not here to get into those flicks (especially Prometheus, as it seems to be a powder keg of opposing views).

Visual update aside, it was just plain nice to go to theaters and see my old friend Doctor Grant again.  To feel the dread and anxiety I first felt years ago facing the ruthless and hyper-intelligent velociraptors.  To shake my head at the hubris of John Hammond’s most recent and ambitious exploit.  To want (but have the inability) to dislike Jeff Goldblum’s character, Doctor Ian Malcolm.  It was all great.  

So, was JP3D worth the anticipation, time and cost of a 3D movie ticket?    That’s a resounding “yes!”  Post-facelift Jurassic Park is still a great movie and it’s still the only Jurassic Park worth watching (as far as I’m concerned).  Not only that, but the dilophosaurus/Wayne Knight duet is even more menacing and comical when it’s coming right at you.  Huzzah!

Perhaps most important of all, I left the movie with a burning resolve to buy this painting of Jeff Goldblum’s Ian Malcolm, because Jeff Goldblum.

Image from http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/wayne%20knight


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