Apparently meteor strikes are a perfect reason to climb aboard the dashboard camera train.

The recent meteor strike over the Ural Mountains in Russia has sparked a frenzy–not only in the media but in the form of a tech trend as well.

Meteorite explosion over Russia - video

Did you wonder how there were so many cameras that happened to be rolling when the fifty-foot rock entered the Russian skies?  According to a story last year in the  blog Animal New York, Russia’s road infrastructure and corruption are bad enough problems  that folks drive with dash-cams just to be able to defend themselves in claims court.  It’s quite the opposite here, where we tend to see those cameras only in police vehicles.

Already though, posts of another meteor(ite) over San Francisco, California have been uploaded via dashboard camera.  Put that with the explosion (no pun intended) of Google searches for dashboard cameras, the Russian meteor and more of the Bay area’s fireball footage, and you’ve got yourself a bona fide trend.

Are we seeing the emergence of the every-man dash cam on our soils?  This is one American who would welcome some Russian influence (in this particular case, anyway).  If nothing else, maybe it will allow for a greater number of candid and entertaining uploads on the ever-interesting interwebs.  Drive safe, and smile for the camera!

Image from The Guardian


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